Gothic scrap universe... but romantic

Univers gothique et romantique

If you're a normal person, you probably think that scrapbooking is an innocent and colorful hobby, with flowery papers, pastel ribbons and smiling photos of babies and weddings. What the hell !! Let me tell you, you got it all wrong!

Goth scrapbook enthusiasts know that true beauty is found in the dark. True artists prefer deep shades of ebony, crimson and blood red. Shiny materials are not welcome here: we prefer the rough textures of leather, metal and black lace. We do not say no to a few pink flowers, a few touches of blue or green...

gothic scrapbook

What we like is to create a dark and romantic atmosphere. We don't just want to show photos from our travels or our friends: we want to tell a macabre story. The pages of our scrapbooks are filled with haunted castles, misty graveyards and smiling skeletons. We add quotes from dark poems and gothic song lyrics to give our designs a touch of macabre elegance.

Some people may think we are dark people with a questionable taste for the morbid. But we're no different from other scrapbookers: we just like to express our creativity in a different way. We do not seek to shock others, but rather to celebrate the beauty of the Gothic universe.

So, if you are a scrapbooker who needs to get out of your comfort zone, try gothic scrapbooking. You might be surprised at the beauty that hides in the dark.